Easy Nippattu Recipe

delicious nippattu

I am just popping in quickly today to post a savory nippattu recipe that can enhance the food glory on this Gokulashtami festival. We have some really delicious things going on in the food department right now as we are just 12 days away from Lord Krishna's birthday celebrations. Starting from ...

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Kodubale | Ring Murukku Recipe

ring murukku kodubale

After worshiping snake deity with all the devotion and enthusiasm, now we are headed towards the celebration of Lord Krishna's birthday which is going to be September 5th this year. Gokulashtami or simply Ashtami is what we call this festival brings a remarkable joy and excitement in our lives. The ...

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Fenugreek Seeds Dosa | Menthe Dose Recipe

Menthe dosa fenugreek dosa

Scorching hot hot weather of UAE with temperature rising more than 40 degrees can insist any cook like me to prepare this awesomely soft fenugreek dosa. First things first: Fenugreek seeds have sort of body cooling properties which is why this dosa gets top position in the summer breakfast ...

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